Beauty products can affect jewellery. Spray of perfume or hairspray can discolour gold or make pearls turn yellow. Put jewellery on after you have used your cosmetics and sprays.
Take off your jewellery especially rings when doing household chores or gardening. They could be damaged by knocking out stones or coming into contact with abrasive materials, which also discolour metal.
Settings can get clogged up with soap and hand cream. Take them off before washing hands and using cream.
Heat and hot water can loosen settings where an adhesive has been used. Pearl rings, earrings and pendants have this type of setting, so be careful with them!
Don't wear too many chains at one time, they will tangle and rub off one another causing damage.
Strong smelling foods e.g. fish & onions can tarnish gold and silver.
Wear jewellery as much as possible, as this keeps the metals bright.